Using feed readers

Feed readers are used by listening to their entry_discovered and metadata_changed signals. To continuously print new entries as they come in, just stream events from the signal:

from async_generator import aclosing

async def print_events(ctx):
    async with aclosing(ctx.feed.entry_discovered.stream_events()) as stream:
        async for event in stream:
            print('New event: {entry.title}'.format(entry=event.entry))

Or, if you prefer callbacks:

def new_entry_found(event):
    print('New event: {entry.title}'.format(entry=event.entry))



Each feed reader class may have its own set of entry attributes beyond the ones in FeedEntry. See the API documentation for each individual feed reader class.

Creating new feeds on the fly

If you need to create news feeds dynamically during the run time of your application, you can do so using the create_feed() function.